To the newcomer and city-native, to the extraverts, the introverts and everyone inbetween. We want to give you a chance to say hello, meet new folks in the area and get a good feel for what’s happening in and around town. That’s why we created Hello:Charlotte, an event hosted at a popular spot, where you can come and hang out, relax and mingle with people your age.

Singles Serve

Raise your hand if you are single? Awesome. Raise your hand if you love to help others? Sweet. This is your kinda event. We meet up with other single 20’s and 30’s who love to serve others in the community! It is a fun way to make new friends who have the same relationship and heart for community as you!

Sunday Eats

Let’s face it, visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. You may have fears of being met at the door by overly-happy people with abnormally large smiles, greeting you as if you were a celebrity walking the red carpet or dusty wooden pews, silk robes and not understanding Latin. Either way, we’re hoping Sunday Eats can introduce you to a new image of Sunday mornings. We’ve partnered with some wonderful local churches who share in our belief that church should be a safe place to explore faith and life together in community. Sunday Eats is an event held on different Sundays throughout the year. You are invited to attend a church service, meet other 20s/30s and enjoy lunch at one of the many wonderful lunch spots throughout the city.  

Drinks and Discussion

Pondering the meaning of life? Questioning the existence of a God? Or maybe you just want to know why so many cat memes go viral? Join us, and people like us, for a night of drinks and discussion were we explore meaningful (and sometimes meaningless) conversation together over cold (and sometimes hot) beverages.