Drinks and Discussion March 22nd

What in the World is God doing?

Have you ever wondered where God is? What he’s doing? And what the purpose of all of “this” is? There are different views of God that are influenced by culture, philosophy, and historical actions. Growing up, I often viewed God as an old white guy with a big beard and an itchy finger ready to zap me when I messed up. God was always distant and did not seem to care about what was going on in the world. The more I got to know Jesus, the more I started seeing two different Gods. There was a angry wrathful God of the Old Testament and a God of peace and love in the New Testament. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

So, how are these two images coming from the same God? Maybe I needed to adjust my view. The God we see in and with Jesus Christ, is the same God in Genesis and the same God in Revelation. How do we reconcile our views of God? What questions do you have about God? How did the Jews think of God? How did the Greeks think of God? Keep asking questions and keep digging deep into the meaning of life. The challenge I always place before myself is that whatever I believe about the God of the Bible has to be consistent with the biblical narrative from beginning to end, it must help me be a better person, so that I can better others around me. If my view of God does not lead me into deeper levels of love, I need to adjust my view of God.
I want to continually challenge and be challenged in my thinking about God. As soon as I’m comfortable in how I view God, I’ve created an idol and made God into my own image. We can all learn from one another as we discuss the deeper meanings of life and what in the world God is doing. We want to create a space to talk about those differences and where they come from. Come join a community discussion to share different view of “who” God is and what his intentions are for the world. Maybe, with a better view of God, we can learn to create a better world where we are.