Spring Activities in Charlotte

Welcome to the CLT ONE family! We thought it might help you get to know us through some of our favorite activities in Charlotte. You might even find some fun weekend plans!

Kevin Ache (co-chair):
I love to finish off the day by heading over to River Jam on at the Whitewater Center. Cold local beer and live music, what could be better! Glad to see they extended these to Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this year. Oh, and I get to bring my dog, too.

Nathan Goings:
I get to enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass again. For this reason, I love walking around uptown and Dilworth. Then the breweries bring out all the food trucks and release their spring brews. It’s really amazing how I feel regenerated with the introduction of spring every year.
Michael Concha:
In the Charlotte area then the small town of Noda where Cabo Fish Taco is creates a great sense of West Coast style dinning and environment that it almost feels as if I am transported back to the beaches of California. After enjoying a fish taco or salad accompanied by guacamole and chips I head out to Jack’s Beagles which is an amazing bar that is a hole in the wall and have to know exactly where to find it. Spring is the best time to enjoy their outside porch where they often have live music.

Ashley McFarland:
I love listening to live music outside at a restaurant or local brewery! Running the light rail, when the mood strikes me!  Hitting up a cheap yoga class and brunching with friends!

Tyler Johnson:
My favorite spring activity is trail running and festivals at the Whitewater Center with my wife Kelly.

Chris Rhyne:
My wife and I love spending the day at the white water center.
There is nothing better than hiking, biking, and and being active.

Zac Dean (executive director):